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Economics of Advertising and Marketing

A while back, we discussed general budgeting guidelines for advertising and marketing. In this post, we would like to address some very cost-effective internal marketing efforts that can reduce the cost of marketing.

In terms of internal resources, many small and mid-sized businesses fail to maximize untapped internal human capital that can greatly impact external marketing. Often, the mere idea of integrating frontline workers into overall marketing efforts has not been thought of, nor has it been given its due evaluation.

Though the above statement may appear simplistic and centralistic, it is no secret that most marketing executives fail to see the value in the external expertise that can be utilized online and offline to achieve greater brand recognition and cost reduction.

The simplest approach to having truly comprehensive, self-sustaining, and low-cost marketing can start by allowing those that have daily interaction with end users and customers to highlight feedback. Nevertheless, the mere collection of such feedback may have no significant impact without accompanying analysis and utilization. This is the place where virtually all small and mid-size businesses go wrong.  Such analysis cannot and should not be conducted by management. It should be done by those with real interaction with the end user. After that initial analysis, the management and experts should take over and conduct the scientific analysis and implementation of strategic solutions.

The secret is in the initial analysis because decision-makers and marketing experts may overlook minor customer feedback details that may or may not be significant. But once the frontline employees have unanimously agreed, one can assume that the most relevant and vital information has been handed over.

It is unrealistic to expect this concept to work for a large firm. It is equally impossible to cover all the necessary steps that need to be taken to make such efforts work. However, as a general concept, small and mid-size businesses should never neglect the power of feedback from their front-line employees. Such efforts, if implemented properly, can have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line by reducing the cost of marketing, reducing the cost of research and development, decreasing the advertising budget, increasing ROI on marketing and advertising budget as well as creating an organizational culture that integrates its most valuable asset into its strategic, operational vision.

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