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Public Relations

Public Relations is one of the rather important aspects of client relations management. Without proper public image, consumer / clients may be negatively affected.

Our services include

  • Public Relations Consulting and Implementation
  • Press Releases — Online and offline
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Communication

Many times several of those steps are required in order to enhance the overall company public image. It is important to point out that it is neither easy nor effective to describe each process in details due to complexity and uniqueness of each client and project. However, detailed and up to date information, methodology and trends will be regularly posted to our web blog. Yet a general description of each service will help in understanding the basics:

Public Relations Consulting and Implementation

This particular service illustrates our comprehensive approach in which we use traditional and non traditional methods to determine the standing of an organization. The analysis face will enable us to design a comprehensive plan in order to achieve greater public awareness, branding as well as improved public image.

Press Releases — Online and offline

Our Press Release service is usually in combination with other services serve our clients by announcing their current or future products and services. Such Press Releases / News Releases usually assist in branding and public awareness.


We use the latest studies, techniques, and research in different fields such as verbal and non-verbal communication, mass communication, interpersonal communication, organizational communication, cognitive communication and many other linguistic fields in order to create the most effective and efficient environment for our clients.

Latest News


As a part of our continuous attempts to create the most viable online presence, we have redesigned our website in order to implement our customer feed backs.


World Consulting Group introduces its Cost – Reduction – Management services. During the past years as a Management Consulting firm, we discovered something very unique but virtually uniform to almost all businesses: outrageous or overpriced overhead costs.


Public Relation Solution a division of World Consulting Group at introduces two new services: Workforce Diversification Analysis (W.D.A) and Workforce Diversification Implementation (W.D.I.)