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Management Consulting

In essence our management consulting service concentrates on analyzing current internal company efforts in order to be able to recommend steps to improve overall performance.

It may include steps such as:

  • Strategy and Change
  • Business Transformation Outsourcing
  • Executive Coaching
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Online and offline Advertising
  • Online and offline Marketing
Many times several of those steps are required in order to enhance the overall company performance. It is important to point out that it is neither easy nor effective to describe each process in details due to complexity and uniqueness of each client and project. However, detailed and up to date information, methodology and trends will be regularly posted to our web blog. Yet a general description of each service will help in understanding the basics.

Strategy & Change

Make strategic decisions that enhance your competitive advantages, create new sources of value and improve your revenue growth. Our strategy and change services help clients transform their businesses by identifying strategic options and developing the change programs necessary to pursue them.

Business Transformation Outsourcing

Create value by outsourcing your non-core activities and focusing on what you do best. Our business transformation outsourcing (BTO) services help clients make outsourcing a strategic element in their business transformation.

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching services enable mid management and executive management personal to take advantage of continuous education in combination with personalized coaching & training in order to enhance their ability to be more effective and efficient in their daily job requirements as well as improve upon their overall leadership skills.

Customer Relationship Management

Maximize every interaction with your customers to make positive impressions, increase loyalty and improve the bottom line. Our customer relationship management services help clients integrate their sales, marketing and customer service functions and improve sales performance across all channels.

Human Resource Management

Our Human Resource Management or HR refers to a wide variety set of services that include,

  • Strategic HR: Maximizing staffing methods to enhance the company’s capabilities and profitability,
  • EEO: Establishing and maintaining equal employment opportunity,
  • Staffing: Recruiting and hiring the right employees at the right time,
  • HR Development: Optimizing staffing, orientation, training and retention,
  • Compensation and Benefits: Monetary and non-monetary employee reimbursement,
  • Health and Safety: Maintaining a safe workplace to avoid employee endangerment,
  • Labor Relations: Multi-directional efforts to maintain legal and viable policies regarding employee rights and obligations.

Human Capital Management

Empower your workforce to be more productive and more responsive. Our human capital management services help clients increase the value of their knowledge workers while reducing fixed costs.

Online & Offline Advertising

In the ever changing dynamic world of business, it is important to integrate multi channel advertising that may include offline component such as Television advertising, Radio advertising, Newspaper advertising, and Billboard advertising as well as online components such as Pay Per Click advertising, Rich media advertising, Email advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Contextual advertisings, and Behavioral advertising.

Online & Offline Marketing

Generally speaking marketing services take different shape and forms including branding, public relations, customer relations management, as well as consumer targeting. Most viable marketing plans will include a combination of online and offline tools such as press releases, websites, whitepapers, web blogs, and many other options.

Some of Our Other Services Include

Application Innovation

Adopt and integrate new technologies to compete more effectively in existing markets and exploit emerging business opportunities. Our services, including systems integration and custom application development, support your innovation and expansion into new marketplaces while reducing overall costs.

Financial Management

Develop a more responsive finance function to manage risk while contributing to enterprise-wide profit improvement and increasing shareholder value. We help CFOs and finance organizations design and implement financial processes and underlying technologies to overcome their business challenges.

Supply Chain Management

Optimize your supply chain and operations to benefit your balance sheet, as well as your suppliers, customers and partners. Our supply chain management services tie process improvements to operational metrics and financial measure of performance like return on assets.