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Management, by definition, implies a set of skills that may or may not be all naturally acquired or learned. The fundamentals of effective and efficient personnel and individual managers are rather murky. Though a certain set of education and experiences are required to groom a manager, the quantity and quality of those requirements are by no means uniform.

The most basic requirements, such as advanced educational degrees such as an M.B.A. or Ph.D. coupled with years of experience, are not enough anymore. In the current global economy, virtually all upper management personnel come in contact with issues such as language and cultural issues, technological challenges, cross-industrial expertise, and geopolitical concerns.

This certainly does not mean that every manager or management expert has to be familiar with all potential challenges rather than the ability to recognize the appropriate issues at hand that can be effectively and efficiently dealt with.

Additionally, the such ability may ease the complexity of implementing solutions, such as hiring management experts or management consulting firms that can aid in resolving external and internal issues. Such simplification may also influence the bottom line by creating cost savings.

In the coming days and weeks, we will start a detailed discussion about the most basic and universal requirements for hiring a management employee and management experts.

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