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Target marketing refers to the determination of a particular subset of consumers that have been determined to be of interest for particular products and or services. The determination of a particular target group for marketing purposes may depend on factors such as previous purchases, expression of interest in some form, including electronic or traditional modes, or simply a matter of behavioral research.

Target marketing occurs by starting a segmentation process i.e., Market Segmentation which will eventually lead to the identification of the particular sub-set of consumers and end users that are most likely to be interested in the particular product and or services. Once market segmentation has taken place, decision-makers can devise the most balanced marketing tools to reach and inform the end users of the benefits of their product or services.

There are other additional and logical benefits to target marketing and market segmentation, including the potential for greater customer satisfaction. It is logical to assume that by marketing to those that are already interested or have the tendency to be interested in a particular purchase, plenty of potential factors that may lead to dissatisfaction are eliminated. The logic behind this assumption is rather simple: an end user who has been determined to be interested in a particular product may have some preliminary knowledge that would diminish superficial reasons for complaints and/or disappointment. Additionally, target segmentation and marketing may result in repeat purchases by those targeted individuals already familiar with the given products and service, hence diminishing the possibility of novice complaints.

Such assumptions may not hold for all products and services. There may be changes to existing products and services unfamiliar to previous users. Similarly, technological advances and the sheer speed and availability of data and information may lead to assumptions by end users that may lead to dissatisfaction.

Ultimately, though it is logical to assume that target segmentation and target marketing have the potential to create a more favorable environment to achieve greater overall satisfaction, it does not guarantee it.

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