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Market Orientation

To measure the degree of market orientation of a given commercial institution, one has to consider three factors customer orientation, competitor orientation, and inter-functional orientation. All these factors elute the exploration and exploitation of market realities to dominate the market. For instance, customer orientation simply requires understanding and accommodation of the target consumer; competitor orientation refers to a proper understanding of competitors’ current and potential future standing, and inter-functional orientation refers to the optimization of all internal and external institutional resources to enhance overall customer experiences.

Essentially all the above factors are simply behavioral, whereby it is a logical assumption that such institutional behavior should start with upper management and trickle down to frontline employees. Such assumption that management will have to initiate and maintain an organizational culture of efficiency is the basis of modern business practices.

Our company, World Consulting Group, is certainly market-oriented. Our employees, associates, and managers contribute to the overall institutional culture by bringing extensive educational and practical experiences both as professionals and consumers. Hence resulting in neutral feedback from both sites.

However, at World Consulting Group, we try many cutting-edge and new methodologies that may not always be as beneficial to our market orientation efforts, yet those new practices are of essence for our future as well as for the future and success of our clients. The logic behind side-stepping total efficiency and market orientation efforts is rather simple; innovation and experimentation are vital parts of development. Innovative approaches are naturally accompanied by experimentation to fine-tune and achieve the best possible efficiency and effectiveness. Hence during the developmental stages, the greatest attention and efforts are given to progress rather than market orientation.

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