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Management Consulting Success and failure

Many times, it is difficult to come up with some sort of objective measurement to judge the performance of management consultants. There is certainly scientific and nonscientific methodology to measure the success and failure of any business-related action, including those undertaken by management consulting firms. This particular entry is meant to look at nonscientific ways.

During our long experience as a management consulting firm, we noticed one particular trend among our past and current clients: many surprises. We noticed that the most common mode of measuring success and failure was the mental satisfaction of our clients and their respective employees.

Generally speaking, it has come to our attention that besides the actual scientific measurements, most clients tend to be influenced by the feedback of their employees involved in the projects. Further, we have noticed that the involvement of mid-management and front-line employees enhances the overall client experience.

It is not to say that individual clients may not stray from such generalizations, yet in the past four years, most of our experience points to a single pattern of the symbiotic relationship between clients’ overall satisfaction with our services and the internal feedback from the involved employees.

Ultimately, management consulting firms and individual management consultants are well aware of the psychological aspects of achieving success, yet it is vital to translate the mental and psychological requirements of all participants, including mid and low-level managers as well as front-line employees, to achieve the greatest possible positive feedback up the chain of command.

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