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Choosing Management Consultants

Many times, small business owners and managers conclude that external third-party assistance may be essential in improving their operational effectiveness and efficiency and the bottom line. However, there appears to be a disconnect in how to select the most viable company and or candidate.

In the coming weeks and months, we will make entries that will help guide small business owners to select the most proper management consultant or management consulting firm.

We believe that the first and most important component to consider is the educational background. Many senior consultants suggest that practical experience should be the first factor to consider. However, the approach is flawed because of the lack of logical and deductive reasoning. It is a great mistake to assume that practical experience can replace educational background and preparations.

Though vice versa is also true, the reasonability simple is that educational background should be considered the most significant qualification factor. Educational efforts are the most fundamental aspect of accumulating basic and general knowledge that can be used across platforms and industries. Yet most practical experiences are either industry-specific or job specific.

Hence, it is important to evaluate the educational background and company guidelines for additional educational blocks as the most significant factor in selecting a management consultant or a management consulting firm.

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