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      Knowledge creation and management for commercial entities illustrates one of many tools that are geared toward ultimate goal of profitability. Nevertheless, knowledge as a tool commands a very unique importance that maybe catapulting it to a comparatively greater importance than other business tools. The rationalization is rather simple: virtually all businesses require to a different extend human interference in order to conduct business. Such intervention may differ in degree but it is virtually universal to all businesses. Hence, this one nearly common factor to all businesses begs the question of as how to attain, increase and improve on effectiveness and efficiency which may lead to greater profitability.

      Continuing with the same logic, it is rather obvious that improving human ability to increase effectiveness and efficiency will require enablement. Such enablement can include factors such as knowledge, training, as well as tools. Yet, even tools and training alone will achieve little without proper knowledge to use those enabling tools. Hence, knowledge and knowledge management emerge as the most obvious influencing factors. Similarly considering  continues evolution of business and business tools it is safe to assume that knowledge is not a constant factor. As business methodology and practices as well as global business environment continue to evolve, new venues and tools that become available will require appropriate knowledge and further training. This leads to the most single important issue knowledge management.

      Ultimately, the mere observation of obvious and compulsory evolution of business and its respective tools will lead to the conclusion that human interference which is required to conduct traditional business necessitates constant management of knowledge that is geared toward increasing the profitability. Alternative attempts that would concentrate on technology or process would rely on tools that are constantly upgraded and changed. The one constant factor, the human being, is what will need the proper and up to date knowledge in order to perform and contribute to overall profitability.

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