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      Integration of  Organizational Learning

      The business world and its individual actors are no different than any other grouping of individuals that need clear and unfettered communication to organize and execute plans and strategies. However, the practical aspects of clear, effective and efficient method of communication will differ because of factors that may include cultural and social issues, organizational vision, internal and external leadership as well as industry specific methodology.

      Though it is obvious that effective communication may be the key to proper implementation of internal procedures, the real question is about execution. The mere communication of available and mandatory tools that are designed to achieve organizational vision will not necessarily translate into effective and efficient execution. Hence, in order to ensure proper implementation, proper safe guards have to be in place.

      Nevertheless, communication and safe guards are not the only available tools. The particular practices of human resource divisions have also a great deal of impact. Assuming that in a well ran organization which mandates cross divisional co-operation; the HR division can design and implement procedures that are in line with organizational vision and strategy.

      Another additional tool to achieve the greatest effective integration of all internal measure can include financial and non financial incentives that may assist in motivating front line employees to take advantage of internal tools. Similarly, punitive measures may achieve comparable results.

      Ultimately, depending on internal and external factors, each individual organization may design and implement a varying strategy and methodology to create the most effective implementation of its internal tools. The greatest challenge, however, will be within the degrees of effectiveness and efficiency which may ultimately be reflected by profitability as well as longevity of the given organization. Nevertheless, the most fundamentals will virtually never differ; communication and safe guards are the fundamental of conveying the message of tool availability and the respective impact on overall organizational standing.

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