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Evaluation of Management

Management personnel has traditionally been subject to strict hiring standards and tough competition. However, upper management is rarely subject to external performance evaluation.   Most executives are evaluated through internal mechanisms unless public relations incidents require the illustration of fair practices. However, we think that this approach is fundamentally flawed.

Performance measurement that is conducted objectively can assist greatly in optimizing and improving performance and, ultimately, the outcome. However, the traditional SOP, which only measures frontline workers, inherently neglects to measure the performance of the leadership. The opponents of rigorous executive evaluation argue that a significant portion of virtually all executive duties may not lend themselves to objective measurements because of the inherent necessity of judgment calls and personal conclusions.

A third party, such as a management consulting firm, can greatly help. Seasoned and experienced management consultants and their respective management consulting firms can aid in devising measures that would objectively measure executive performance without creating undo internal conflict and assist in the later-stage implementation of potential improvements.

The greatest challenge of implementing such procedures would be the ability to establish the necessity, which may encounter a great deal of resistance by those executives that will be subject to such evolutions.  Nevertheless, other stakeholders can and should push for such measures to enhance organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

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