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Branding strategy refers to a particular set of pre-planned road maps to achieve a significant, suitable, and memorable differentiation between a particular product and services in contrast to a similar market competitor.

Essentially, a branding strategy relies on market research and market segmentation to optimize a pre-formulated message employing audio and visual tools to achieve brand memory.

At World Consulting Group, a branding strategy is formulated for all internal and external products by utilizing the most up-to-date research and available information and our internal knowledge and expertise. Most branding strategies start with a two-track approach: internal and external data and information. At World Consulting Group, we don’t leave anything to chance. We double up on everything to minimize potential pitfalls.

The best example is World Consulting Group’s marketing efforts online: though just like any other business, we take advantage of online tools such as Search Engine Optimization, Organic Search Result Pages, and Pay Per Click, we have found that some other actions are rather self-defeating. For instance, most search engines base their page rank or organic results on link popularity; however, based on practical experiences, we have found that such an approach may have unintended consequences, such as assisting our competition to get higher search engine rankings. It is not to say that such unintended consequences negate the entire link popularity approach, but it enables us to choose a cautious approach to avoid enabling or even benefiting our competitors.

The next step in our online branding efforts takes a rather simple direction: we take steps to allow our associates to visit relevant web pages such as discussion forums, blogs, and other forums that allow exchanges of ideas and provide our knowledge and experiences freely, which usually results in attracting a certain amount of organic traffic from relevant and targeted potential clients. Yet even such a careful approach may come with unintended consequences such as civil liabilities, stealth competitor actions, and eliminating the opportunity to profit from our expertise.

The third step in our branding strategy is certainly in our follow-up procedures which entails passive and active actions. Any potential follow-up, including by electronic means, is only done by clients or potential clients, resulting in a passive yet responsive approach. It is not to say that our staff at World Consulting Group do not follow up with prospective clients, rather than simply eliminating the outdated car sales mentality.  Such actions usually allow prospective clients to understand that World Consulting Group is not attempting to sell or artificially convince anyone of anything, rather than helping solve existing issues.

The third step in our branding efforts is rather unique. Any potential clients are strongly advised and even assisted in comparing World Consulting Group to comparable competitors in terms of price, track record, customer service, and client feedback. This particular aspect is one that we take great pride in; there is nothing more powerful in terms of branding to allow a direct comparison of products and services.

The fourth and final step is the enforcement of our brand, which occurs utilizing surveys and feedback from existing clients. At World Consulting Group, we ask and even offer very attractive incentives to our clients to provide us with direct, honest, and unbiased feedback at every level, including product proposals, presentations, and implementation follow-ups. We also encourage our clients to initiate such feedback from every internal level, including front-line employees, supervisors, as well as mid-level and executive management.

Ultimately, World Consulting Group seeks to present and maintain an honest, practical, and professional relationship with our clients based on mutual respect and professionalism. Though one may argue that some of the approaches at World Consulting Group may be too labor intensive or too costly, we certainly believe that success on any project depends on proper preparation, investment, and willingness to effective communication and participation of all stakeholders and parties.

Such an overall approach, in our opinion, is at the heart of branding by encouraging our clients to find us online, receive unbiased and, even more importantly, free advice, decide if they like what they are receiving, and compare us to all viable competitors as well as understand the value and professionalism that they will receive and is expected from them; will ultimately lead to branding and enforcement of our brand.

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