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      Branding strategy and it potential benefits are certainly a vital part of overall customer acquisition and customer retention which eventually leads to overall profitability and viability of a give company. The selection of branding methods via audio visual tools or more innovative ways such as utilization of internet resources illustrate a certain degree of judgment and competency on the part of responsible decision makers.

      In essence a branding strategy will rely on advanced methodology in research and information processing to determine market segments and target groups which in turn may assist in increasing the return on investment as well as overall profitability and long term goal achievements. Yet there is a certain degree in uncertainty that is accompanied in achieving the greatest effectiveness and efficiency.

      The differentiation in successful and relative failure in planning and executing a branding strategy will depend on many factors including the product and services, past brand performance, public relations issues, technological and venue selections, as well as actual product performance. In the current age of globalization and information high way, it is virtually impossible to cap the spread of global or local negative consumer feedbacks that may have a great impact on overall branding strategy. Hence, it is a safe assumption to suggest that branding efforts have to be certainly accompanied by rigorous public relations and accompanying subset of potential damage control.

      Additionally, there are considerable amount of competitor actions that may have negative impact on the outcome of a branding strategy which could include actions such as negative campaigns, flogs, guerilla efforts such as Google Bombing, as well as spread of unfounded rumors. Hence, bring a new found significance to bundle marketing and branding strategies to public relations efforts.

      Essentially, a branding strategy is no different than differentiating a particular product from similar competitors; yet a branding strategy may have unintended consequences that have to be considered and properly prepared for by means of public relations as well image damage control to avoid long term negative consequences to overall efforts, effectiveness and efficiency as well as overall profitability.

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