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This is one of the questions that can not be answered objectively. Essentially, as in any other business-related service, management consulting should be considered a supplemental yet vital service that aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a given organization or individual. The service of individuals or companies that offer management consulting is designed to be a primary line of defense, nor are management consulting services a substitute for competent managers or employees. Management consulting should be considered the ultimate way to receive assistance from knowledgeable and experienced entities that are either industry insiders or are neutral to a particular industry to implement a new and unbiased methodology.

Ultimately, the decision to acquire or seek assistance starts by determining that there is room for improvement in any given organization. It is not necessarily an admission of failure of either employee or management. It is simply a realization that no company can be run or managed at its highest effectiveness and efficiency. Hence, a third-party evaluation, analysis, and recommendations can be vital in increasing the possibility of achieving higher efficiency and competence. Therefore, management consulting firms are simply a necessity for creating success.

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