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TQM or Total Quality Management refers to internal or external organizational quality assurance processes to achieve the highest possible effectiveness and efficiency  Essentially, TQM is designed to enhance and control every stage of a given company’s products or services by adapting and implementing standards.

At World Consulting Group (WCG), TQM is taken very seriously. Though TQM is not particularly designed to be adapted by the service industry, it can be easily modified and adjusted to achieve the spirit of total quality assurance. At World Consulting Group, every employee must pass certain internal tests relevant to their particular and respective fields to achieve a uniform knowledge/process basis. The second step of TQM at WCG is the peer review of all accomplished tasks. Each project that has reached the final stages undergoes a serious review and criticism by team peers. This step is fine-tuned by having the project manager conduct a thorough review of the project plans and the end product. Once that is accomplished, external third parties will also be able to evaluate the project.

Essentially the entire TQM process at World Consulting Group heavily relies on the opportunity to discover weaknesses and potential issues before the project is even presented to the end user/client. Steps such as layered review and critics focus groups, as well as stress testing, are created and vigorously implemented to avoid pitfalls.

Though one may argue that even TQM may go too far, such as World Consulting Groups’ extensive approach, it is difficult to argue against internal institutional concerns and goals to deliver the highest possible quality of products and services. Even an argument pointing to potential costs in terms of additional internal and external costs of labor can easily be countered by pointing to the long-term benefits of virtually flawless products and services which may, in turn, achieve greater client satisfaction and retention. Never mind the valuable impact on track record and marketing, which also may have an extremely positive impact on marketing, advertising, and new client development.

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