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Human resources effectiveness and efficiency in general, as well as its specific tasks, which include managerial and frontline worker staffing, will depend mainly on strategic vision and organizational culture. Traditional wisdom may dictate greater importance on managerial hiring than frontline workers. However, it is essential to explore the impact of both on organizational success.

Generally speaking, it is virtually impossible to prefer either mode of accent. Greater efforts to hire the best possible managers may cause organizational chaos in terms of ineffectiveness and inefficiencies of frontline workers. Similarly, too much emphasis on frontline worker hiring may cause a loss of organizational talent and leadership. No matter which approach is selected, the mere fact that such exclusivity may ignore organizational needs to achieve greater effectiveness, efficiency, and hence increased market shares and profitability, warrants a second look at the issue.

It is fair to assume that a balanced approach is the most logical and cost-effective way to approach staffing. The first step, depending on organizational standing and needs, is determining potential shortcomings or possible improvement points. If the situation illustrates leadership deficiencies, hiring procedures can be modified accordingly. Of course, the same would apply in a situation where frontline workers’ performances are to be improved.

Ultimately, it is imprecise at best to suggest that either approach, i.e., emphasizing the hiring of management or frontline workers, is the best possible approach. A situational strategic solution dictates that every organization has its own particular needs that require the attention of human resources and modification of standard operating procedures in terms of hiring. Yet, as a general rule, it is certainly logical and advisable to start with a balanced approach in terms of hiring. It is also important to remember that no organization can exclusively gear its attention toward either one of those groups – managers and frontline workers are equally important to the operational success of any given organization. Human capital is the most important asset any company can rely on, dictating a greater necessity in planning and executing the staffing process.

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