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      The struggle between quality and marketing of tangible goods verses services has been a part of the marketing process. Though both are covered with the general umbrella of marketing, service marketing and product marketing can have a great deal of differences. The mere fact that the particular goods that are tangible verses non tangible services; creates two entirely different way of marketing by reaping the benefits and advantages.

      Yet service marketing nor product marketing are any easier nor is either one in disadvantage. The discovery and emphasis of benefits and advantages of a given marketing product is not depended on its physical existence rather than a skillful exacerbation of obvious as well as hidden benefits. Thus, making both modes and methodology equally a challenging

      A successful marketing campaigns dependents on many factors that weigh equally on the outcome. Hence it is vital to avoid assigning too much weight on tangibility of a product or service. The main emphasize in determining a marketing approach should be based on research and experience rather than Meta physical concerns.

      Equally it is important to emphasize the marketing methodology based on most widely available and confirmed information which in turn allow discarding concerns about the validity of Meta physical issues.

      Ultimately, though a non scientific statement, marketing is much more about a balance of science and art of communication. It is naïve to believe that marketing and its subsets such as product marketing or service marketing is anything else than advanced and creative communication and conversation between a sell and buyer. Marketing certainly entails its fair share of science depended information and action; but it also greatly depends on creativity, main stream attitude and thinking, innovative modes of communication, selection of communication channel, as well as artful use of language, sounds and images. Hence, leading to a fair conclusion that the actual product or service at hand is not and should not be seen as the main concern rather than concentrating on determining the most effective, efficient, and viable methodology to communicate the benefits of the product or services at hand.

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