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      Minority Business Ownership

      A while back we posted an entry talking about the low ratio of government contracts for minority owned businesses. In that particular post, we emphasized that there is a greater burden on minority business owners to compete on government contracts.

      In this particular opinion piece we will examine the value of equal opportunity for small business owners, society and economy. The most significant aspect in equal opportunity for minority business owner is philosophical. The concepts of melting pot, American dream, and give us your poor are certainly the basis for seeking equal opportunity.

      However, there is a bit more to it. The mere fact that the American society is composed of such a diverse set of population, it begs the question as to why there shouldn’t be a proportionate representation of minority owned businesses in government contracts. It is certainly logical and rational to assume that in a society with equality in all aspects of lives, the governmental contracts would not be an exception.

      Similarly, considering many different sources, it is save to state that minority business owners contribute proportionately equally to the economy as their counter parts. The impact of such equality in overall contribution to the economy is more enhanced by the fact that minority business owners also equally contribute to overall societal well being not only by their financial contributions but also with other actions including creating jobs and stimulating their respective local communities.

      Nevertheless, there is certainly enough blame to go around. One of the rather significant reasons is certainly within legislative branch. The respective Congress members have not made any recent great effort to promote the interest of minority business owners. Similarly the minority business owners have certainly not exhausted their options either. The mere fact that minority business associations and trade groups have not circled the wagons to establish a powerful lobby begs the question and commitment of participating and influencing local, state or federal policies.

      In the coming days and months, we will continue to post our opinion about this topic and ad potential plans to rectify the under representation of minority business owners in government contracts.

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