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Long. Way too long.

Something very interesting happened to one of our experiments today. Let’s take a step backward: three years ago, we wanted to experiment with the effectiveness and efficiency of banners. We decided to use one of our projects, that are entirely organic, to see if anyone of our general visitors would find a spelling error in our banner.

Now, three years and 4 million unique visitors later, our experiment has come to a conclusion. We received an email from Mr. David Zach ( Futurist) pointing out the spelling error. Apparently, during a speaking engagement, he named one of our sites and was consequently advised of the error.

It seems strange that some 4 million people would overlook such an error. On the other hand, one could argue that it is virtually certain that a minimal percentage of those visitors found or saw the error but didn’t contact us. In either case, something negative and positive can be said about both possibilities.

In the coming days and weeks, we will publish the details of this study, including methodology, data collection, and analysis as well as our final findings in terms of the most recognized Eye tracking studies.

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