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      The Five level model refers to a set of necessary steps by end users that eventually leads to purchase of particular services and products. Those five steps include problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, and post purchase behavior.

      The steps are clearly self explanatory, however, the impact of each step maybe different on each business depending on products and their respective life cycle, availability and deliverability, demand, seasonal impact and many other factors. Essentially, those five stages are virtually dependent and different to each business based on the individual nature of their products and services.

      At World Consulting Group were most of the deliverables are services, the five levels model illustrates a particular dilemma. The most significant factor in management consulting as well as at World Consulting Group is the first step of problem recognition. Every and each client has or will have determined that there are organizational issues that can be improved on. It is not necessarily an admission of failure nor is it an illustration or reflection of lack of internal competency. It is simply a recognition of the opportunity to leap ahead and achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency. Once this becomes obvious and the respective clients recognize that problems are not necessarily a reflection on them or their personnel, it is much simpler to move forward.

      The next two steps are rather less of an issue at World Consulting Group. The evolution of electronic communication and information age has certainly eased issues relating to information search and evaluation of alternatives. At World Consulting Group we do what we preach; utilizing the World Wide Web to reach and communicate with customer is in our opinion the only true and meaningful way. Hence, at World Consulting Group we emphasize our efforts to populate and increase our online presence which in turn will allow our potential clients to find and compare us to our competitors.

      Further, at World Consulting Group we strictly avoid any kind of traditional sales pitch or sales presentation. After the initial contact with potential clients, which entails mostly online presentations of our capabilities and track record, World Consulting Group staff responses to solicited questions followed by a one time follow up on potential outstanding issues. Otherwise, the decision is left entirely to clients. Here at World Consulting Group we do not believe in traditional sales pitch such as deployed by our competitors. We don’t think that our clients require us to sell them something rather than help them resolve the issues that are already recognized as potential points of improvement.  It is not to say that during our relationship with our clients, we won’t point to additional point of improvement, but we do not try to sell anything.

      The last points including purchase decision and post purchase behavior are also treated uniquely at World Consulting Group. Once our clients are ready to select us as their preferred management consulting service provider, they only meet with senior company managers that can negotiate and have decision making powers. There is never a need to have a second meeting or communicate back and for to reach consensus. The post purchase behavior is also treated uniquely. The clients top management personnel have direct access to senior management consultant at World Consulting Group without the need to go through several layers of mid management or front line employees. Essentially, the response time to any inquiry has never exceeded a four hour threshold.

      Ultimately, this proven method that has served World Consulting Group very well is not only unique but it is also one of the rather important factors in client and business acquisition and retention. Being part of the solution from the start to end enables our clients to achieve greater success that in turns allows them to deploy World Consulting Group services in more sectors and divisions which eventually leads to an in dept and interlined business relationship.

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