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      Corporate Value Statement

      The most valuable ethical principles are honesty, integrity, dedication, loyalty and perseverance. All of these virtues are the building blocks for creation of successful business relationships that are viable and desirable to all parties. Essentially all business participants seek relationship that can have longevity as well as positive intended impact on respective ventures. Hence, it is certainly important to be honest, illustrate and maintain integrity, prove absolute dedication, be loyal and preserve in all actions to benefit business partners, clients and stakeholders. Nevertheless a corporate value statement is only as viable as those that are implementing it. Hence, all those virtues have to be in existence on a personal and individual level in order to translate them at the corporate level.

      The essence of corporate values is ever evolving yet the basics are rather constant. In the ever changing global environment the symbiotic relationship between ethics and values create a never ending dynamic association in which adaptation maybe less viable than in any other section of business. Hence the Corporate moral values and ethics advance to fine tune to situations that are ever changing, yet the basics of feasible and justifiable set of moral and values never change.

      Clearly, corporate values should be a straight forward matter to enhance the illustration of valuable corporate citizenship. Without clear and stated corporate values, business relationships may not evolve or advance to desirable levels of trust that may lead to greater effectiveness and efficiency.

      Similarly, unintended positive and negative impacts that can rise from corporate values should not be a deterrence to change or adjust corporate values. It is rather important to initiate, and maintain a constant state of moral and ethical values.

      Ultimately, the basis of corporate values starts with the individuals and participant of the particular business. Similarly, the moral and ethical values of a business will start and end with those individuals that are in charge of its implementation. Yet independent from individual participants, the corporate values are the factors that determine the viability of corporate citizenship as well as the overall contribution to societal and economical well being of individuals, businesses, as well as the humanity.

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