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Though it is obvious that financial restraints caused by the current credit crunch is impacting virtually all aspects of the economy, it is less obvious what small businesses can and should do to protect revenue and assets.

It is important to note that there is a psychological aspect to such a dramatic news cycle; whereby many individual business owners may or may not panic. Similarly important, it is imperative to point out that there is general consensus that the current perception may not be illustrative of the actual market and economic vitality.

Yet, even assuming that the perceptions are correctly reflecting the realities of the market and economy, it is important to point out that any degree of panic will not be of any help. The traditional wisdom and theory of expansion and retractions in the market would dictate a conservative approach in times of uncertainty, which in our times of global economy is certainly a very risky move.

The cure and proper action will depend on the particular industry; however, one thing is virtually certain: certain small and mid-size businesses can greatly benefit from the current market retractions by taking advantage of low-cost market expansion and new market penetration. A very good example would be the self-storage industry.

Considering the current rate of foreclosure and troubled real estate market, the self-storage industry can have a comparatively easy time in penetrating new niche markets and establishing productive relationships with sister industries such as real estate business.

Notably, it is not as easy. Certain industries that have enjoyed an unchallenged easy ride in the past 2 or 3 decades will have to weak up and adapt modern advertising and marketing methods that will lead them to extensive online ventures. That being said, even those industries that have been semi-active and adaptive will face challenges in understanding and monetizing the virtual world in order to achieve the most attractive return on investment.

Ultimately, the current economic downturn as well as its respective perception may illustrate real as well as professed uncertainties that may or may not be of real value. The greatest possibilities of impact, positive or negative, will entirely depend on particular industries and their respective overall standing. However, in spite of traditional wisdom of caution in uncertainty in the market and economy, it is vital to also see the possibilities that can lead to expansions and profits with very limited risks. Hence it is not advisable to view the current situation as an opportunity rather than a crippling challenge.

However, it is imperative to emphasize that due diligence and risk management should not be dismissed or disregarded. Both of these functions will prevent hasty decision-making and potential future pitfalls that are vital for any and all viable organizations.

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