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      Strategic vision in general refers to theoretical and overall organizational goals which are formulated by decision makers of a given organization in order to enhance uniform and coherent practical steps to achieve the greatest possible effectiveness and efficiency as well as enhancing the stakeholders profitability.

      However, strategic vision is mainly a theoretical component which requires modifications and adjustments in order to adapt to ever evolving markets based on predictable factors as well as unpredictable factors. Predictable factors may include consumer attitude, economic growth, product development and internal and external expenditures. Unpredictable factors may include political turmoil, domestic or international competition as well as internal and external conflicts.

      All of the above factors may influence minor and major components of strategic vision. Hence requiring a great deal of flexibility and adaptability in order to translate a predetermined strategic vision into a lasting and viable umbrella guideline. Nevertheless, it is essential to emphasize that strategic vision by itself is meaningless if the organizational design and inner workings are not able to translate such visions and theories into practical real world actions.  Thus, it is important to evaluate the basis for the strategic vision in terms of action ability as well as organizational capability to achieve the required goals.

      In any case, the main point of strategic vision is and should be the determination of a theoretical methodology designed to create overall directions with the flexibility to adapt to the ever changing global business. In order to have a viable strategic vision or strategy the stakeholders and decision makers are required to include viable and practical components which would enable the strategic vision to become reality. Hence a strategic vision that is designed to be viable will naturally include many factors that enable the given organization the ability to translate it in actions and ultimately profitability.

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